About Me

Me in middle school…how cute!

I began playing music at a young age, and fell in love with it quickly. Piano, violin, oboe, flute, recorder– I played any instrument I could get my hands on.  Fast forward about a decade and a half to present-day me, and I am finishing off my last year as a master’s student pursuing my M.M. in oboe performance.

As for my travel bug, I caught that in high school. After meeting a man who traveled on bike from Canada to my Southern California hometown, I began to scour the internet and discovered the wonderful world of indie travel. Matador Network and Nomadic Matt became my bibles. I spent my free time plotting round-the-world trips. And although I did not actually spend much of the last few years outside of the country, I did plenty of travel within US borders, and got plenty accustomed to using couchsurfing, ridesharing, and helpx, which are now my travel tools of choice. Now, with an international trip in a mere month and another one in the planning stages for August 2015, I’m finally going to have a chance to put my traveling skills to the test.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I think not many people my age do either, especially young musicians. Aside from writing about the challenges of being a traveling musician, I also hope to use this blog to write about some of those growing pains.


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I play the oboe and travel. Here I chronicle my attempts to reconcile the two.

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