All tickets have been bought!

Hi readers,

This is an appropriate time for my first post, as I have finally bought all of my plane/train tickets for the Fred Fox Graduate Wind Quintet tour in China and for my travels after! It’s a pretty exciting time for the quintet as we wrap up classes, perform recitals, and of course prepare our tour music. And of course, we still have our concert at the end of this month before we leave. So much to do! (And so many reeds to make…)

As for my post-China plans, I spent a little more on my travels than I originally intended. I assure you there is a method to my madness, but we won’t go into that for now. What is important is that you see my final travel itinerary:

Tucson-China-Manila-Bangkok-Los Angeles

I’ve been to the Philippines before, but never by myself. On this visit, I’ll be spending Christmas with my oboe friend there and his wife. Check out this picture of him and I from my last visit in 2012 when we first met:


Yes, I had orange hair. Yes, I don’t know what I was thinking. (In my defense, I did not dye my hair with the intention of it being orange.)

In any case, that is my friend Reynato. I made friends with him over facebook by messaging him and saying that I was on my way to visit Manila and could we meet up and nerd out about oboe for a few days? It was probably one of the highlights of my trip spending time with him and playing duets! So this is the kind of stuff I get into when I travel, talking to strangers and making friends everywhere I go. It adds so much to a trip.

I hope my travels this winter go similarly well. This is going to be my first international solo trip (I mean after the first three weeks of touring are over, which should be fun– I’m just a solo wanderer by heart), so I hope to bring back many more wonderful stories. As for my next post, hopefully I will talk a little more about concerns about this trip as an oboist. Take care!


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